Web architecture and Real Text

While people who visit your site can peruse all of the substance you put there, web index bots can’t. The bots that creep the pages of your site can peruse genuine text, however they can’t “see” pictures of text. At the point when you’re setting up your web composition and you choose a picture of a word or expression since you like what it looks like, you should realize that this is a Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) compromise.

Run a test:

Go to any site and attempt to left-snap and feature different words and expressions. Take a gander at the route fastens and check whether you can feature “About Us” or “Our Services.” Try to feature the portrayals that show up under or close by item pictures. Assuming that you can’t feature a word or expression, what you have is a picture of those words. With regards to advancing on the Web, webpage configuration enhanced for the two individuals and web indexes should utilize genuine text, not pictures of text.

Pictures of Words
Web indexes need to know what a Web page is about, so they slither it searching for text in the features and in the substance. Consideration is given to words that are utilized every now and again and different words that are like them or inseparable from them. Bots search for subjects and interesting, applicable substance. Something else they search for are the ways that they can take to different pages of the 해외문자 site. Plan that is viable will give decisively positioned ways to direct bots from the landing page to more profound pages. These ways can work assuming they are made of genuine text. Bots will disregard pictures.

Escape clauses
You can get around this issue in a couple of ways:

Feature labels – Make sure these are re-imagined with Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and not recently styled utilizing a class. On the off chance that this doesn’t sound good to you, ask your architect or somebody who may know.